Welcome to the website of MetaStory Productions, the production company owned by Tamme de Leur and Oscar Pathuis. We are two Dutch programme makers with a passion for stories that have an impact on society. We want our productions to give people food for thought about the world they live in.
One plus one makes three
Tamme and Oscar have both worked in television for about 20 years and are very experienced in making documentaries, mainly for Dutch broadcasters. As a director, Tamme uses his creative genius to produce extensive cross-media projects. His enthusiasm, vision and energy are infectious. Oscar has worked on countless television series and (international) documentaries as a video editor as well as content editor. He particularly enjoys making complex issues understandable and interesting, and is good at separating main issues from side issues.

Recent production
Our most recent documentary for Dutch national TV is Behind the Scenes - Prostitution Policies in Europe (2013).
In order to tell this story, we invited two Dutch Members of Parliament to visit Sweden and Romania so they would be confronted with prostitution policies in other countries. The very idea caused an outrage in the Dutch media before we had even filmed a single shot. Many people feared that the widely known liberal prostitution policy in Holland would be chopped.
As independent journalists we did not take up any particular position, but tried to demonstrate how complicated prostitution policies are in a European context.
The broadcast received good ratings and was widely discussed on Dutch radio and TV and in the press; there was even an item on the news in Sweden. The feedback we received was that the documentary made a lot of people think about human trafficking, and about prostitution in particular.

Under development
We are currently developing a documentary series on organised crime in Europe, in collaboration with the Dutch police, the Dutch Public Prosecutor and Europol.
We also hope to make a start in the near future with the preparations of an international documentary on the FARC in Colombia, from a special personal perspective. At the moment we are looking for broadcast partners for both projects.